Pricing Information

How does your pricing work?

For each product there are three price bands: 1 item, 2-5 and 6 or more items.

The price band used for each product in your order is based on the total quantity of items in your basket when you check out.

So when you order 2,3,4 or 5 products together, they can all be the same or you can choose different products and have different designs. Every item will be charged at the relevant 2 - 5 price.

To get the lowest unit price just order any mix of 6 or more items.

These prices do not include shipping, which depends on the mix of products and your delivery address.

Our shipping charge is based on the total weight and volume of your order. It may not cost any more (or much more) to ship several products together than to ship one.

Use our shipping cost calculator to see the cost for any mix of products to your delivery address.